• Providing opportunities to introduce and instruct youth on the 5 elements of hip hop with dance as the focal point.
  • Providing youth with alternative forms of energy release.
  • Encourage and allow positive self expression through movement – the dance.
  • Utilizing the experience and skills of hip hop dance legends and up and coming dancers will help youth to establish positive relationships and learn to positively interact with adults from various age groups as well as their peers.

Another offset objective of the foundation programming is to stimulate and inspire the spirit of entrepreneurship  As the dance movement builds self esteem the motivational element of the programming includes building the same with examples of how to build your own “brand” and exposure to mentors who own their own businesses.

 Session Themes and Topics: The Curriculum:

11681Session: “Taking Control: Living a Healthy Life”

“For every action there is a reaction”-Mr. Wave

Healthy Body, Healthy Life, and Healthy Me: Teaching youth about the importance of staying active. Whether through dance, running, or playing ball, instructors stress the importance of being active whilst pursuing your passion(s).

Session: “The Deadly Restraint of Fear”

“You can make a thousand mistakes, it’s when you realize you’ve made mistakes, that’s your first success” –Mr. Wave

The Fear Antidote: Many youth have trouble seeing past their current circumstances and into their future. Many youth fear failure and the unknown. This session seeks to provide youth with real life tools to overcome and excel beyond the personal obstacles of fear.

Session: “The Power of Self Care: Setting Goals”

“What I do today affects my tomorrow” -Mr. Wave 11688

The Time Machine: How to deal with past decisions. This session provides  youth the opportunity  to examine how their actions affect their lives and how the future can be different when you set and stay focused on goals.

Session: “Who Am I And What Am I Good At?”

Hey It’s Me: This session will help youth to recognize the importance of individuality and developing their personal gifts. Just like a dance is developed through many steps, discovering who we are is a process that takes small steps of personal discovery to be successful.

Session: “First Things First”

“You can love Hip Hop, singing, sports etc. But you should love your career and most importantly your family first”. –Mr. Wave·

What Do You Love: This session will deal with priorities and learning to love yourself then allowing that to drive your passions. Loving the wrong things may lead to destruction. Once we properly align our priorities, our gifts have room to expand and thrive.

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Providing social-emotional, learning opportunities, and hip hop dance instruction to youth.
(A.N. Pritzker School, Chicago, IL.)

Past Programs:

~ Dance Competition Judge 2013 Self Funded for community interaction
~ Dance Judge (Steinmetz High School College Prep Chicago Public Schools)
~ Cornell University: Hip Hop Symposium (Speaking and Instructing College, Post Grad, and Local High School Students)
~ Boys to Men Mentor Program (Arnold Morales Academy Chicago Public Schools)
~ Dance Workshops in Paris (Puma The Quest See Below)
~ Dance Workshops and Competition in Amsterdam, Netherlands
~ Film viewing and discussion (University of Maryland Film School)
~ Dance classes building youth competencies and self esteem (A.N. Pritzker School Chicago Public Schools)