Our Mission

Creating Opportunities and Changing Lives.

I Am That Kid Foundation is focused on building communities and strengthening the younger generations of our inner cities through the creative, expressive and empowering elements of Hip Hop. Hip Hop has proven to improve the quality of life, enhance personal development, and provide educational opportunities for diverse and other at risk community members.  Through our specialized programming, we focus on the cultural aspects of Hip Hop while educating at-risk youth and others on how Hip Hop Pioneers coped with personal challenges and created their own vehicles to improve their lives and their communities.


Educating, Empowering and Inspiring younger generations.

The Foundation is committed to coaching our younger generations on how to identify and deal with adversities, gain and build self-esteem, create personal goals and show them how they can positively change their own lives.

11684Hip Hop Culture is used to assist all program participants in learning how to channel their emotions through artistic expression, provide guidance in building their self-confidence via opportunities to share their gifts, strengthen their mental fortitude in learning to follow instruction to enhance their talents, tap into their own creativity in adding their own perspectives while also providing activities that require leadership skills and negotiation through teamwork.

I Am That Kid is proud to offer interactive classroom based sessions and other educational experiences.   Our classes are designed to provide exposure to the 5 elements of Hip Hop and other professional avenues within an engaging upbeat environment. Self-expression, life skill building and personal discovery are consistent throughout all programming.

All programs and courses can be tailored to suit any and all audience needs.


Recognizing the many challenges life presents to the youngest of our society requires us to acknowledge the fact that youth struggle with the various emotions they experience and may not know how to deal with them leading them oft times to poor decisions and negative actions.

As that kid, who struggled with similar issues, Wave recognizes the importance of providing youth with a means for release.

Self- Expression through Personal Creativity

The ultimate means of physical release for pent up emotions.

Dance to Defy

For Wave, hip-hop dance allowed him to channel his angry energy in a productive way.  By exposing students to alternative modes of channeling their energy, not only can we help them to express themselves in creative ways, but we also “inadvertently” help to fight childhood obesity by having them active and moving around.  As the foundation continues to grow youth will be provided with activities that engage them in healthy eating habits as well.

11692As the logo illustrates, who we all were as kids: plays a huge part in who we are today.  Although our experiences and our backgrounds may not be completely the same, the challenges we faced, the struggles we had, the struggles our families experienced collectively form who are we are as adults.  Hence, in some way or another we all are “that kid”.

The foundation is a vehicle by which we, particularly those of us from the halls of hip hop history can actively engage in giving back to “that kid” we once were in a forum specific to our history.  The power of dance and the music behind it is an incredible cultural legacy, one that we can and should pass on to the next and future generations. 

Think of how each one of us, and our lives were profoundly impacted by the beats our peers created, the physical movement those rhythmic creations and artistic expressions inspired in us. Just think, it was the music that inspired each of us to pen our signatures in the world of hip hop whether through the use of our bodies, the use of our voices, the use of our hands or the use of our raw energy.

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